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  • Journal of Health Psychology Publishes Hughes-Tuller Critique of Wessely-Chalder CBT Claims

    By David Tuller, DrPH What kind of researchers would publish obviously misleading figures about their favorite intervention in a study abstract? And who would make causal claims in a paper while simultaneously pointing out that the study design does not allow for causal claims? Well, it seems Professor Sir Wessely and Professor Trudie Chalder, along […]

  • Hughes-Tuller Comment on Wessely-Chalder CBT Study Rejected by Journal, Posted Here

    By David Tuller, DrPH Last fall, Professor Sir Simon Wessely and Professor Trudie Chalder were among several co-authors of a study published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. The study purported to prove that years of provision of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) to patients with “chronic fatigue” and “chronic fatigue syndrome” proved […]

  • New Biopsychosocial Paper on Long-Covid and Somatic Symptom Disorder

    By David Tuller, DrPH Biopsychosocial Campaigners Target Long-Covid New papers from the biopsychosocial campaigners often provide opportunities to highlight unwarranted assertions, misleading use of data, and—in particular–associations interpreted as if they were causal relationships and not, well, associations. An article co-authored by Trudie Chalder, a professor of cognitive behavioural therapy at King’s Collge London, and […]

  • Professors Chalder and Crawley Join Forces to Push CBT for Kids

    By David Tuller, DrPH On November 10th, the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence published a draft of new clinical guidelines for ME/CFS. The draft represented a blunt rejection of the argument that the combination of “unhelpful cognitions” and deconditioning drives the illness. Under this once-hegemonic framework, indicated therapies include cognitive behavior therapy to […]

  • Professor Chalder’s PRINCE Has Arrived

    By David Tuller, DrPH *October is crowdfunding month at Berkeley. I conduct this project as a senior fellow in public health and journalism and the university’s Center for Global Public Health. If you would like to support the project, here’s the place: https://crowdfund.berkeley.edu/project/22602 So here’s yet another paper with Professor Trudie Chalder of King’s College London […]

  • More CBT Research from Sir Simon and Professor Chalder

    By David Tuller, DrPH (*Thanks to the the very informed discussion–and discussants–on the Science For ME forum for alerting me to this study and its many problems!) In 2011, Professor Trudie Chalder declared at a press conference for the high-profile PACE trial that twice as many chronic fatigue syndrome patients who received cognitive behavior therapy […]

  • Disinformation About Treatments for Post-Covid Syndrome

    By David Tuller, DrPH Professor Trudie Chalder is a lead investigator of a series of studies of rehabilitative interventions for so-called “medically unexplained symptoms” that have failed to meet expectations but have nevertheless been promoted as demonstrating treatment success. The piece of crap known as the PACE trial is a prime example. Most famously, Professor […]