Interview with Founders of The Sick Times, a New Online Publication

By David Tuller, DrPH

Earlier this month, Betsy Ladyzhets and Miles Griffis, two smart, young American journalists, announced the launch The Sick Times, an online publication focused on long Covid and related post-acute infection syndromes, including ME/CFS. I have met both of them in the last couple of years and have been impressed with their work covering the pandemic, so I’m really looking forward to seeing how The Sick Times evolves. (I interviewed Ladyzhets earlier this year about her investigation of the National Institutes of Health’s RECOVER program for long Covid; her co-author was a journalist at STAT, which published the piece.)

I talked with Ladyzhets and Griffis the other day about why they started The Sick Times, their plans for the publication, and related issues. (They each discussed some of these issues in their individual posts introducing The Sick Times to readers, here (Ladyzhets) and here (Griffis).