After Last Year’s Tub Talk, Here’s an Interview–Clothed–for #MEAction’s Podcast

By David Tuller, DrPH

The last time I was interviewed about my work, I was sitting in a bubble bath with the guy tossing questions at me. That was, of course, my appearance last April on Tub Talks with Damon, a web series in which my friend Damon Jacobs, a gay, sex-positive psychotherapist in New York City, conducts interviews from a unique vantage point. Being interviewed by Damon is a disarming experience, and a disrobing one.

It was fun! But once was enough–if not for me then for the viewing public.

So when Jaime Seltzer and Steven Molony invited me to be on #MEAction’s recently launched podcast, Chronically Complex, I braced myself momentarily–but they did not ask me to shed my clothes while sharing my thoughts. Whew! So here is my clothed interview with Jaime, #MEAction’s director of science and medical outreach, and Steven, the filmmaker who produces the organization’s videos–about my work, my background, and whatever else. (Of course, since this is a podcast, no one would actually know if if I were in a tub–but I wasn’t.)

I appreciate the invitation!!