My Follow-Up Freedom-of-Information Request to Oxford Health

By David Tuller, DrPH

Given that Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust has removed the coronavirus-and-fatigue pamphlet containing the antidiluvian medical advice, I have sent a freedom-of-information request to follow up on one I sent the other day.


Dear FOI office:

I am a public health researcher and journalist at the University of California, Berkeley. I recently filed a freedom of information request related to the pamphlet on coronavirus and fatigue published by the Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust. That pamphlet has apparently now been taken down.

In addition to my previous questions about the psychosocial response group and the scientific literature used to prepare the pamphlet, I am adding the following to my request:

Can you provide any and all documentation relating to the decision to remove this pamphlet from the website, with appropriate identifying information removed?

Thank you. I look forward to hearing back.

Best–David Tuller, DrPH

David Tuller, DrPH
Senior Fellow in Public Health and Journalism
Center for Global Public Health
School of Public Health
University of California, Berkeley





6 responses to “My Follow-Up Freedom-of-Information Request to Oxford Health”

  1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt, PhD Avatar
    Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt, PhD

    I love how you think.

  2. Leela Play Avatar
    Leela Play

    Great work by you, and the Physios for ME and all who signed their letter asking the pamphlet be withdrawn. Looks like Worcestershire Health used the Oxford Health pamphlet and hasn’t gotten the delete message yet.

  3. John L Whiting Avatar
    John L Whiting


  4. Lesley Francis Avatar
    Lesley Francis

    Well done. Thank you David

  5. Nancy Blake Avatar
    Nancy Blake

    David, such heartfelt thanks! Seeing that leaflet, anticipating the inevitable consequence: the driving of more sick people into severe ME…after having fought this battle for so long…really pushed me over some edge of despair. Can hardly overstate my gratitude to you and your dogged pursuit of our cause.

  6. Martin Arber Avatar
    Martin Arber

    Hi David,
    Thanks for all your work on our behalf. My family contracted a very nasty virus in the late 80’s following a year of family bereavements. I did not recover and after seeing numerous doctors was 3 years later diagnosed with a ‘sub- group of ME; MCS and severe food intolerances. Three decades I am now housebound, often bedbound and the disease is now autoimmune, I cannot tolerate antibiotics and was recently diagnosed with heart disease, histamine intolerance, and reactivated Epstein Barr.
    In the early 90’s I with others founded Action for ME and following the sad suicide of one of the founders Martin Lev ( he was, as an adolescent in the film Bugsy Malone) took over as the Editor of their journal InterAction and eventually as Chair.
    I resigned in about 1999 following a severe relapse, remain Vice President but inactive due to poor health.
    I have followed your work with admiration and a certain amount of frustration that I cannot join you to fight one of the biggest medical scandals of our time.
    Stay Safe and Best wishes