Crowdfunding Week 3 Matching Grant

By David Tuller, DrPH

Hey folks! As of now I am at 71% of my goal, with eight days to go. So far I have exactly 700 donations. It would be great to get closer to 1000, as in previous years.

Today, Erica Verillo has generously offered to match any donations made through this Friday–up to a total of $5000. I have so far raised $67,800. So if you’ve been holding off on donating, now’s the time! Make your donation work double! If I raise an additional $5000 more this week, Erica’s $5000 matching gift will bring me much closer to my goal.

It goes without saying that I am very touched and humbled by the enormous support I have already received. Thanks to all who have donated and those who will do so before the end of the crowdfunding! I want to continue to do what I can so that people suffering from this terrible disease finally get the help and care they have always deserved.

Thank you! Here’s the link:





One response to “Crowdfunding Week 3 Matching Grant”

  1. Rivka Avatar

    Erica is a true hero on our community. Thank you, Erica.